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Since the update, morphing locks up my game

Jan 15, 2010
Since the update, when I finish morphing with another player, the game goes to the "in between scenes loading page" and just sits there forever. I have to force close the game and login again to be able to play again.

When will your magic developers fix this?


May 16, 2013
Huh, well this happens to me too, but not every time and it was happening before the update of 2016. I think it has to do with my connection and the number of players in the realm. Since I like playing in Avery, big events or crowded situations are when this happens most frequently to me. I can't say that this is the only possible explanation, because in my personal experience, the most obvious problem isn't solved by the most obvious solution that I can come up with. Specifically, I couldn't watch certain puppet shows, and I thought it was a bug in the main game, but after finally agreeing to follow all of the steps suggested to me by customer support, I could watch the puppet shows. So, I suggest you check in with customer support if it really bothers you, they'll probably be able to find what's going on.