Ship sails not displaying flag

Aug 21, 2009
All of a sudden my sails stopped using the emblem that is supposed to be on my flag. On my buccaneer I have a level 14 heavy pirate ship with level 4 rigged top sails with stats of +2 speed, +4 acceleration, +7 boost... my colors and patterns are there but not my little emblem picture.

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May 01, 2012
I looked at all my ships (Privateer, Level 50) and they all displayed the correct flag emblem. For the Bison Skiff and Bison Galleon, I had to look at the front of the ship to see it. I was able to see the front of the ship (or the side) in the Ship Management window ('e') by rotating the ship.

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This many not be the issue at hand, but different sails, reflect the artwork in different fashions.
Sometimes it displays the logo on the ship, and not just the sails even.

One thing I would suggest is to give the actual "name" of the sail item being used, as it could be a problem with that particular item. If so, the only way to fix it would be to know exactly what item it is! ;)

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