Ship Equipment Missing

Feb 26, 2010

I reached level 50 in December 2012. When I found that the beta testing was occuring, I downloaded it. None of the equipment I had for my ships was able to be used. I figured it was just due to the beta testing. After that ended, I started the new adventure on the updated Pirate 101 and I am still not able to equip any ship parts. I used to have a lot more too. What is going on?


Sep 02, 2012
Its not a bug Apparently the game needed a test before it was open to all. When it opened to live everyones beta accounts were all gone.Apparently Beta realm is a temporary realm Its a test No one can go in the beta realm only test realm


First Mate
May 01, 2012
It would help to have some more information before KI would be able to help you.

Which ship are you trying to put equipment on? What equipment are you trying to put on (names and restrictions)?

In terms of missing ship equipment, use the Help menu above (the Orange Question Mark) to contact Support. They definitely will help with any of problems like that.

Good Luck!

Stephen Hawkins