Ship Combat Error

Feb 13, 2011
My ship was losing against an enemy ship and then after using a bottle of yum to heal my almost dead ship the heal takes place as soon as the enemy hits my ship one last time then though my ship now had full health I got sent to the docks of a nearby area and the ship's health went down a lot. Please fix this bug, I do not want to end up "defeated" with full health and then having a bottle of yum wasted.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Yea I have been boarded several times after using a bottle of blue yum. I see the ship health fill up but I get boarded anyway although right now I can't remember if the health is the same when the deck battle is done. I just know it is very frustrating to waste a bottle of blue yum when there is no way to easily refill it without spending time realm hopping to get enough blue yum.