School Spells Bug

Oct 12, 2012
Maybe ki already knows but just wondering when there gonna fix the 3 spell bugs.

Musketeers Barrel explode thing is useless because its resisted by everyone 0 damage.
Privateers Forgot name increase 25 increase damage for team increases enemy's instead.
BuccaneersReckless frenzy if the person knocks out themself from excessive damage reduction from that spell it also glitches and kills the player who still has health, but is knockout and cannot do anything.

Leave a comment if you have the same issue

MusketeerDead-Eye Andrew
Privateer Romantic Michael Jackson
BuccaneerDead-Eye Andrew Finch

Hi! Thanks for your report:

We do not have an estimated time these fixes will be made to the live game.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*