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Save Your Local Samoorai Problem

Apr 18, 2009
Hello, when doing the first part of the quest "Save Your Local Samoorai" in Moomori Compound, there is a problem with moving forward from the quest. After you defeat two sets of Possessed Samoorai Bushi, your companions enter into a system controlled dialogue. You cannot cancel this dialogue and you cannot move while it continues. You remain in the path of the Possessed Samoorai Bushi. The dialogue takes so long that your immunity period after a battle times out and you are forced to battle another group of Samoorai whether you wish to or not.

Can the dialogue be moved to the button controlled pop-ups that usually appear at the bottom of the screen? That way, a player can cycle through the dialogue and get out of the way of mobs in the path.

Petty Officer
Jan 13, 2009
This was supposed to have been fixed in the last patch but I can confirm after having done it tonight, it hasn't been fixed. You can't move while Old Scratch talks so long that the mobs re-aggro you again after he's finished.

Thanks for your reports! We'll take a look at it.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*