Sarah Steele, hear this, please!

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
When Old Scratch says, "Let me work me Art.", in many places where he performs his magic, I hear no sound effects but only his victory laughter voice clip that's supposed to be played in combat only for when he defeats his enemies. Please rid of that and replace it with a unique voice clip of Old Scratch performing his magic in places and some new sound effects for that, examples given, Bounty Island's Captain Gunn's Tomb in Skull Island, Monquista's Diablo Cut, inside Tomb of the De La Vegas' Mausoleum Crypts, and outside of it in Cool Ranch(to quote Old Scratch, "Spirit of Don Rafael, come forth!").

Those are the examples I can think of right now. If anyone else knows of other places where Old Scratch performs his art, please notify them here.

Also, at Captian Gunn's Tomb on Bounty Island, before we face the Crab Crawlies, I hear Squinty's voice clip for when he summons his Crab Crawlies, but not the sound effects for it. Please input some new sound effects for when Squinty performs his magic to summon the Crawlies.

Those are the missing sound effect reports. Hope you can correct them, please. Thanks for listening!