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Rooke Caused a Location Error

Jan 02, 2012
In Trafalgar Vortex, on The Executioner, When a redcoat (Musketeer) ally moved adjacent to Rooke, Rooke knocked him back to the empty space immediately behind him (as expected). The next round, Milo Greytail (who was already adjacent to Rooke) was unable to move onto the space that the redcoat had been knocked out of. Milo needed to end movement there to get a flanking attack too. Everything else seemed to work properly. I think The AI must have had the redcoat still allocated to the vacated space during the planning phase, even though the graphics were correct and gameplay worked normally. This is not a new problem. I believe that this problem existed when MB was in test. Now that you have fixed the more serious problems we can deal with these more minor issues.