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Respec Companions with Crowns

May 10, 2010
Ok, this has to be a bug. Every other place I see a conversion rate, such as 100 crowns for a teleport vs. 1000 gold is a 1:10 ratio. Ok that is fair enough! I can even see A pirate respect costing a ton of crowns, as it is our personal pirate and personal choices that change.

However, Companion respects can cost as much as a pirate respect if you are a crowns player? I know I have said this before, simply become a member for a month and save you a ton of crowns, but the conversion rate between crowns and gold on this respect are pretty much 1:1, not 1:10???

It costs 7k crown or 7k gold to respect a companion? Ok this has to be a bug that has just been overlooked, because that just doesn't sound right, anyone else agree?

May 10, 2010
I know almost everyone here that posts is a member and tends not to be a crowns player, but that does not mean we should ignore the crowns players either. They support this game as much as each and every one of us, they just choose to buy areas rather than rent them.

I am not sure why people ignore things like this, because if one 1 person says something about it, KI will never change it. So, KI, if the current gold to crown ratio is supposed to be 10 gold to every 1 crown, should the companion respects not be changed to that ratio, rather than 5 to 7k crowns?

I can easily see paying 5 to 7k gold, as that is easy to make, but 5 to 7k crowns per companion? Who's bright idea was that? or is this an oversight, hoping for the latter!

May 09, 2009
I actually am a crowns player, and I totally agree with you. I hope the crown price could be reduced because it would make things a lot easier!

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