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Petty Officer
Dec 20, 2012
i got reported for no reason why?

petty willliam zipman level 53

Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2011
A lot of people get reported for no reason, and a lot of people get reported though the person it happened to may have said something around the filter or other violations of the Terms of Use.

There's no way anyone can tell you why you were reported. If you did not get muted or otherwise penalized, then you are just fine.

I know I was in the Bazaar with a map on my head looking at what I needed to sell. I stepped away from my computer for less than one minute and when I came back, the big box that I've been reported was staring me in the face. I had said nor did nothing against Terms of Use (as a matter-of-fact, I had said absolutely nothing at all). I even opened my chat box to see if someone was trying to talk to me or something. Nope, completely and utterly blank.

If someone reported you and you did absolutely nothing, it's considered a false report and it goes against the person reporting you. False reports are not taken lightly by KI, and I'm sure if someone accumulated enough of them, sanctions/penalties would occur.

More about Reports and False Reports can be found here.

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