red skin

May 13, 2011
i was doing the last part of kobes quest and yoshinaga was completely outlined bright red except for some small parts. i was like "oh well, probably what he looks like now", but after a while, i went on my swashbuckler and for a short while, he had completely bright red skin. his clothing and hair was normal, but his skin wasnt. he looked like a painted wooden puppet. it was fixed when i went to a new area

Oct 27, 2009
What we see in pirate is like a giant paint by numbers set. Every color you see, and every shape, is told and described to your computer to tell it how to show it. And it travels from Texas to wherever you are. It's amazing and very complex. Sometimes there are hiccups, whether from game code clashing in unintentional ways or a garble in the transmission lines. From what I've seen, it seems like when the game doesn't know what color to make something, it will show it as red. As long as the problem corrects itself and doesn't affect the gameplay, I figure it's a video bug and play on. It sounds like you saw a funny one, with him looking like a puppet. If the problem was still there the next day or affected game play, I'd report it.

If you see something showing up in all red, this usually means the texture associated with that object didn't load. This might be a loading issue, and some players have found restarting will sometimes take care of the red object. If it persists, you'll want to contact support. Support may ask you for a DXDiag file to see if your computer might be a little thin on RAM or vRAM and be able to make further recommendations.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*