Rain of Fire

May 29, 2009
I've found two issues with Zeena's Power card Rain of Fire.

First one is if she shoots it in an area where there is an enemy standing, it shows 0 damage on the enemy that's getting hit, though they show damage has been taken (and sometimes killed) from the hits.

The second is the enemies abilities to "kill" the fire thus triggering THEIR Bladestorm. Yet, our allies no longer trigger Bladestorm or Double Tap (as per the recent Update Notes) for destroying an obstacle.


PS Are OUR allies and pirates supposed to be getting burned/harmed by the fire??? I kinda thought this Power was akin to the Musketeer or Privateer traps and barrage Powers. They did damage to the enemies but not to our teammates. Right now it's killing off the good guys along with the bad when they stand adjacent to the flames.

Dec 19, 2012
i noticed that also it will do it even on barrels and it sometimes looks like it tries to do damage to even empty squares.

Just thought they made it like that since staffy/shooty weapons also at times do the same thing during one of their critical animations.