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Quest and reward

Jun 17, 2013
I was doing a quest in port regal i forgot what it was for but under rewards it had a scroll saying 800 xp and something else saying: Its a surprise! So then i was anxious to get the quest done. So when i was finished it gave me the 800 xp but nothing else, so it didn't give me the "surprise". Can an administrator please check this?

And also near after that quest, i became level 30. And i got a message from the commodore, saying i needed to come to him, so i did, and when i talked to him he said something like: Who the devil are you? Oh my its just you {Just like always}. i clicked "done" and he didn't give me quest or anything ...
Can someone check that too?

{although the commodore telling me to come to him for nothing may be just to tell me that i had espirit de corps to learn, but can you still check both to be safe}

I don't know if just because of glitch i am missing out on important parts in pirate101 and i hope i am not. If an administrator can, Please fix these bugs.

Level 30
Fearless Jason Barclay

Hi! It would be great if you could give us just a little bit more information (Quest name specifically -- It might still be in your notifications log as a recently completed quest), but just from a surface observation, it sounds like perhaps your reward was that you unlocked a companion to be purchased in the Crown Shop by completing the quest.

I'm also wondering if you currently have a quest in your quest log called, "The Things They Parried," which I believe is a pre-requisite to obtaining the second Privateer training quest.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jun 17, 2013
I already did the second quest, {the one that gives you valors armor, right?