PvP Monkey King

May 26, 2012
While in PvP Monkey King has TONS of bugs. Like when I send him to hit a box he misses and uses second chance. And usually in PvE he can usually take out an enemy and does not miss, but in PvP he is constantly missing. Can Ratbeard or One-Eyed Jack please respond?

Hi! There should be no difference between using Monkey King in PvP vs. using Monkey King in PvE other than you are facing players, many of whom probably have much better statistics than opponents in PvE. Furthermore, it sounds entirely possible that Monkey King could miss a barrel and use his second chance to try to hit the barrel again. If there is an actual bug that you can consistently repeat, please let us know more specifics.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*