Pvp bugs should really get looked at

Sep 04, 2013
PvP has been getting increasingly clunky as of late and I am getting quite annoyed with it. I am going to make a bit of a PvP bug megathread here to make sure Kingsisle knows these bugs exist, so feel free to add to it if I forgot some things.

Contessa hitting enemies despite being dead- If Contessa uses gallant defense and dies to an enemy with bladestorm, the bladestorm will activate before gallant defense deactivates causing Contessa to cancel out those attacks, which is an issue in itself but if she still has first strike talents active she will not only cancel out those attacks, she will hit them with a first strike too, despite already being dead.

Vengeance Strike activating twice- Here is another fun bug I will try to explain in a way that makes sense.
A Swashbuckler uses an assassin strike on a Buccaneer

The Swashbuckler uses first strike on the incoming vengeance strike attack, it misses

The Swashbuckler dodges the vengeance strike and uses riposte, it misses

Despite being only hit by one attack, the buccaneer gets a second vengeance strike

I've heard this bug is caused by the buccaneer reacting to a relentless attack following the assassin strike that hasn't happened yet (since it was stalled by the first vengeance strike attempt), so it seems to be a case of talents activating out of order.

Talents not activating for no reason- This is honestly the main reason I made this thread, sometimes your rank 2/3 talents will just not activate, not because of a stun, not because another enemy blocked your overwatch, they just don't happen when it should, it can happen with overwatch, readied spell, hold the line, double tap, its all over the place, it even happens to companions. I've finally seen some footage of this bug occurring so maybe that will help it get fixed.


In this video at around 14:10, a Buccaneer starts his turn, which resets all his talents so he should have 3 hold the line activations available. After he attacks some minions start charging in, his hold the line works only on Ruhr, then a bunch of terrorcotta come from a different direction and ignore his hold the line completely despite there not being an ally standing there allowing them to sneak through. Why did this happen? Who knows!

4v4 Glitch- Longstanding glitch that has broken 4v4 for a while now, forts don't expire, summons/pets don't move. Someone in the pvp community was nice enough to make an in-depth video about it.

Cant mark spots on blue team- If you are on the blue team, you cannot mark spots with right-click, which can make it rather difficult to coordinate attacks.

Can't see health bars most the time when spectating- When watching a match in sparring hall, health bars are very inconsistent, sometimes they're there, sometimes they aren't. If they could be made more consistent it would be nice.

There's some more stuff I'd like to bring up but I am out of space.

Sep 04, 2013
PvP bugs part 2!

Cant see enemy pirate's pet talent grants in battle
Pretty self explanatory, pet talent grants for enemies don't show on the interface during a battle, making things a bit confusing especially if you're a witch and their pet grants witchhunter.

Pets randomly don't have any animations
This has been around for a while and its just annoying, pets will randomly lose all their animations and just teleport around instead of moving, and not use any attack animations either, if they die they also don't despawn and they just stand there for all eternity unless you reload the area.

Sep 04, 2013
Yes, I am bumping this thread again because these bugs are really annoying me.

I'd like to share another video of Talents not activating for no reason. In this video a Musketeer is soloing the Smuggler's arena primarily through the use of Overwatch 5, although at one point his Overwatch only works on one enemy, then fails to activate on the next allowing a Buccaneer with a strength buff to walk over without even getting an accuracy debuff, although miraculously he somehow isn't comboed into oblivion.


That isn't even the only time that happened to him in the video. It not only happened at 12:59, but at 6:05 and 33:00 as well. So in a 10 battle dungeon, his talents bugged out and stopped working in 3 out of 10 battles. This bug is only happening more and more often in both PvP and PvE so if Kingsisle could look into it and get it fixed that'd be great.

In my first post I said Contessa could still hit enemies with first strike after dying if the enemy who defeats her has blade storm, I want to clarify that it has to be a critical hit kill for her to be able to hit someone with first strike despite already being dead

If you clicked the first link in my first post you probably noticed that it doesn't link to the right time in the video, it's supposed to link to 14:10, can't edit my first post to fix it so I guess i'll put it here

Apr 15, 2009
As the Buccaneer in the video of the HTL 3 not activating properly, I believe the reason for the bug is related to my movement during that turn.

I pathed my pirate around the pillar. What ended up happening is that my pirate took a step on the path I wanted him to go then got hit by Cheap Shot. After a few attacks, I removed the scorpion that was forcing my path to go around the pillar. My pirate then went directly to the spot I wanted him to go after reversing his path.

I believe this reversal of pathing bugged out my pirate's position for that turn. The game assumed I was still in my original position 2 spaces directly down. This caused my HTL to still activate for the Ruhr since he would have still touched my HTL in that lower position. This then caused the soldiers to seemingly move through the HTL since the game thought I was lower on the board then I actually was. This bug did not resolve itself until I moved my pirate in later turns and the game was forced to update my position.

I think this is similar to the knockback bugs that used to occur (and may still occur, I'm not sure) with musketeer knockback bombs.

I've sent this forum link to the team to review!