Pre P.1.040 Patch Heavy Galleon Armor Bugged

Mar 07, 2009
This is just a FYI for everyone since I already submitted a bug report!!

I purchased the following ship armor back in January 2013:
  • Name: 1st Rater Light Armor
    Type: Armor
    Origin: Royal Navy
    Hull Size: Galleon (Heavy)
    Nautical Level: 40+
    Ship Equipment Bonus: +180 Hull Integrity
Now after the P.1.040 Patch (May 23, 2013) the armor is no longer giving the bonus when equipped on the updated level 54 Marleybone Heavy Galleon sold for gold and the updated Crown Shop level 56 Marleybone Heavy Galleon.


Fearless Finnigan
Level 50 Privateer

Jun 04, 2009
I was wondering about the ships armors all of my ships I have bought armor for show no armor in the stats on the ship why? all say 0 armor even when equipped with armor.