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Power management bug

Jun 08, 2009
Whenever I try to move a power that has recently been added to my power management screen, (ex: a card from an item) It barely ever registers the change. when the power is added to the list, it is at the very back. when I try to move it to any other position, it registers the change, until I exit the power management screen, then it reverts to the new power being in the back. after moving the power and exiting the screen, I repeat the process about twenty times, until it finally registers the change. this has become extremely annoying and wastes way too much time. This bug makes what seems to be one of the easiest process in the game, into an annoyance that ruins the purpose of using powers. please fix A.S.A.P.

Oct 27, 2009
This sounds like what happened every time I tried to equip a vender purchased rudder to my samoorai skiff. The type of screen is different, ship equipment for mine, power mamagement for yours, but the way it behaved sounds the same. You move it where you want and it looks like it moved, but pops back to where it started as soon as you switch to any other screen. In my case, the inventory would seem to register the change, but the ship picture and equipment slots by the ship would not. I thought it was a bug with my particular ship or rudder, but maybe it is more of a game didn't register our commands bug. Your problem is definately worse than mine. I upgraded to a bigger ship and don't use the bugged one. Yours bugs you every fight.