possible bug concerning witch hunter?

Gunner's Mate
Nov 27, 2009
Hello everyone
I was just wondering If I found a possible bug concerning witch hunter talent
ill use an example because I like pictures (somewhat....) when I show bugs and such
now for this, we will assume the enemy casts an aoe magic spell, (mojo strike/blast/storm)

W = ally with witch hunter
A = regular ally
( ) = anything within the area is affected

(A W A) the witch hunter is triggered because the W is in the middle spot (aka the targeted one) the others take damage because its an aoe

(W A A) witch hunter does not trigger because W is not in the center, they just take damage because its an aoe

This is somewhat lame because if the roles were reversed, aka the allies/witch hunter were ENEMIES, both cases would trigger, even though they are not directly targeted (I have tested this before), it sill goes off....so why aren't us/our companions the same way? :(