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Porting to Battle

Petty Officer
Dec 16, 2010
My friend and I were currently working on the same story line quest. We both have experienced the same problem and would like to know if KI would be able to get it fix.

Our problem started once we finished battling on a ship. I ported to him and once the battle was over I would be kicked off his ship and frozen in mid-air. I wasn't able to move, zoom in or even see my character. We then moved on, and he experienced the same problem too.

I was a little ahead of him in the main story line now and we had to beat Black Storm Raiders for Brother Owl's quest. Once he ported to me and finished the battle he also said he had the same problem. Floating in mid-air unable to move. I made him walk the plank and he instantly was sent back to his current life fountain.

We both were able to get out of the problem by porting to a life fountain. However, I am afraid to say that this might happen to someone else again and may happen to me to.

Apr 26, 2009
Yes this has happened to me too. After teleporting to a friend who is fighting a battle on deck, and joining. Once the duel is complete the enemy ship sinks and i am stuck in mid-air... The game should teleport us back to the owner's ship instead of the middle of the skyway!