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pirate 101 battles are slow

Petty Officer
Nov 23, 2012
last night me and my friend was doing quest in Marleybone and pvp battles in skull island and almost all of them were slow every time some one moves 3-5 minutes later some one else moves and same thing goes on for a few minutes it's annoying and time wasting plz fix this.

Hi! We've seen this as well, and I believe a fix is coming in the upcoming update. Let's keep an eye on it when we have a Test Realm in the near future.


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Petty Officer
Nov 10, 2012
Aug 21, 2009
In a group of three or four people one of them often has a slow system or crashes or are running background programs or something that slows the entire fight down to a long wait between character actions, and I've even noticed just playing with one person that when both players put in their command orders the timer clock still has to wind down on occasion before play commences. You see your troop orders placed and your done button pushed and you see no dots or anything from the other player on the screen but you know they were placed cause when the timer runs out their troops do move around and attack and stuff.

This is a real problem, even more so if you are intending people to play more with each other.

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
I hope they speed up battles in the worlds after MooShu... I am pretty sure they did the same on Wizard101 but with the worlds after Dragonspyre.

Petty Officer
Nov 23, 2012
it's not on the test realm it's on the real thing