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Passive Character Damage and ETC Talents

Petty Officer
Dec 22, 2009
Hello Kingisle,

There is a issue with player characters right now. Ever since the update, all player passive talents are no longer affecting us. Maybe not all, but alot. Namely the damage talents.\

For Example: My swashbuckler is no longer gaining damage from Stabby weapons or slashy, which both he has learned prior to the update. My WD lacks Spirit sight which grants + 1 range and he too is missing the damage bonuses from Staffy weapons.
Friends have confirmed the same, proportiong also that they too are lacking the damage of their passive damage talents. Please consider and fix this issue.

Angel Xiriga

Jul 06, 2012
Yes, I confirm, and I am not happy about this . Now my damage has gone back under 190 to 270, and it was up to 210 to almost 300. It was strange at first because I gained new levels and stronger weapons but my damage was going down, then I realized the bug. Please fix it quickly

Thank you,
Noble Nicholas Nichols

This should be fixed now with the update from last night. Please continue to review and report as needed.

Thank you!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*