One Eyed Jack, you have to help my bug!

Nov 20, 2012
One Eyed Jack's template with my answers:
  • Level of my character: 11
  • Location where the bug occurred: I'm afraid everywhere
  • Quest Name (if applicable): quest does not matter to this bug
  • Companion Name and Tier of Promotion (if applicable): i can't say either, because it happens every time, no matter what companion I use.
  • Description of the bug: when I'm near a weaker enemy, it shows the gray words. Then when I'm in combat with that enemy, it shows red text. (meaning its stronger)
  • How often does this bug seem to happen? every time.
  • Were you playing Solo? (Y/N) yes
  • If you were in a group or playing with others, how many? no group
  • Were you the only one to experience this issue? I don't know
  • Can you reproduce this bug? Yes.

Petty Officer
Jul 12, 2013
I just think this means the enemy has stronger attack

Aug 13, 2009
I don't believe this is a bug as it happens to me every fight I have, too :)

If I might explain my take on it:

When you approach an enemy while walking, the names above their head denote their level (Gray less than you,Yellow equal to you, orange higher than you). Once you get into actual combat, ALL the enemies' names, regardless of their level, will show up as Red. This lets you know that they are an enemy. If you notice your pets and summons will show up as Yellow to let you know they are allies.

If you are a Witchdoctor and have the "Charm" Power Card (lets an enemy become an ally for one turn) their name will go from Red to Yellow for that one turn. Then the next turn it goes back to Red.

Hope this helped clear some of that up.


Nov 20, 2012
Wow... thanks a lot you two! tigerdeeamazon, I would like to me you in my awesome group. and maybe you can help me, just in case a real bug comes up. Thanks!

Fearless Melissa Evans, Level 11, helper for the pirate101 message boards

Nov 20, 2012
Hi One Eyed Jack, (but you might not be reading)
Can you please lock this thread? My problem was answered.

Fearless Melissa Evans, Level 11, and one of your random helpers to the pirate101 message boards