No good gear from farming?

Gunner's Mate
Aug 08, 2010
Recently I've been farming a lot in the earth temple and i've gone 4 farms getting gear with no cards, and 3 farms getting excellent gear for all the classes that i DON'T have, i.e Boots of lightning, which i have 4 versions of from all my farms which give musketeers an extra hurricane round/inferno shot (i forgot). Dragonfire Jingiasa, which gives Great juju for privateers and Asano's helm, a mojo blade for buccaneers which i have 2 of, as well as a helm that gives rallying call for buccaneers.
I find it really suspicious that out of the 2 classes i maxed, and the 3 non auction gear pieces i've found, none of them were for Swash or witchdoctors, my two max classes.
And my last 5 farms i have gotten gear with no non auction cards, which saddens me. Is there some kind of code that once you reach a certain amount of farms, you don't get gear until another day? What's up with this? Has anybody else had this bug of bad luck?