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Ninja Pig Name Change

Jun 10, 2011
I like my ninja pig's name now. it was Kung Ga, now its Ninja Blade. I think I got lucky on the name change.

Merciless Jack Silver Lv. 43 the Frozenwarrior

Oct 29, 2009
I was unhappy about my ninja pig's name getting changed from "Shan Shen" to "Shadow Eyes", but that at least has a vaguely ninja-esque feel to it.

Changing my Mustang Maestro's name to "Ugly Sam Cobb" is just stupidly inappropriate. This is the kind of bug that will drive me (and others I'm sure) absolutely nuts. It completely contradicts the theme of the character. How is that name supposed to work for a suave spanish bullfighter?

This is on it's way from being an annoyance to being a deal breaker. Games like this require a willing suspension of disbelief. Having something totally out of place (like a pirate in the Wild West) can work if it's absurd and amusing. These name changes are jarring and annoying - breaking up the flow of the game.

Saying "We realize this is a disappointment ... but in this case, the change must remain the way it is." Is not going to fly with this issue much longer.

Gunner's Mate
May 13, 2009
My ninja pig used to be called Mu Zhao but now his names is Storm Warrior. I liked his new name better! Lucky me.

Petty Officer
Jun 06, 2009
Well at least KI looked into it thanks for trying. New suggestion to get my amazing Bun Yu back and throw Red Walker out the window: companion renaming! It could be like ship renaming, just for companions, and you could type in a name you want, get it approved by KI, and in a day or two, get the name changed! Anyone like the fix?
-Brave Samantha Nightingale lvl 43

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Indigo Ring on Mar 15, 2013 wrote:
Little known fact: In Shakespeare's first draft of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo's name was Shan Ga.
Now that's funny . Thank you for the much needed giggle.

Oct 27, 2009
I too am missing my ninja pig's original name. It was very jarring when it changed for no reason. I am glad at least a few of you managed to trade up to a name you liked better, since it doesn't look like it will be fixed. Mine sounds more Bison to me than Mooshu now, but I know it could have been worse.

Though I think the idea of being able to rename crew is a good one as a possible fix and new feature, I don't think we should have to pay to fix their mistake either. If they do introduce it, they would probably have us choose a name from a multi-part list, as when naming a purchased ship or pet.

I agree with docmayhem that "Ugly Sam Cobb" is a truly unfortunate name to give a mustang maestro. I too suddenly got a mustang maestro with a name that seemed to be from the weasel gambler list. Dead-eye Bass doen't really suit it, but it's not as bad as "Ugly Sam Cobb". After questing in Mooshu, I rejoice that, though not loving my ninja pig's new name, it did not get one like I saw on an Inioyoshi bandit. I am so glad his name is not "Smelly Hibe".