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My Missing Ring

Petty Officer
Mar 11, 2011
Hello all! I just got my Buccaneer to level 20! Yay! I had a Ring called Aro de Armadura in my shared bank, but when I checked, it wasnt there! It gives BackStab, is only and gives 4 Armor and is lvl 20+ only. I dont know if it is missing somewhere, because I looked all over my account, and on all my pirates banks, or if I may have sold it or trash it. If so, could I be informed on where my ring is, or get a replacement? Thanks!

Jacob lvl65

Dead-eye Brandon lvl20

Dead-eye Blake lvl57

Salty Sam Salkins lvl52

Wicked Warwick lvl48

Hi! Our Customer Support has opened a ticket for you and will review your request. Please check your email associated with this account, and in the future, you may find a faster response by contacting directly.

Thanks and see you in the skyways!

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