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Musketeer Temptest Torpedoes Glitch

Dec 08, 2012
Hi, I've noticed lately that sometimes when I use my temptest torpedos on certain enemies they get knock backed into other bombs in the attack but that isn't the glitch. After I have done the attack and wait next turn to order one of my companions ( or myself ) to attack one of the enemies that were move by the temptest torpedos it just simply ignores the command and it won't attack it. Although sometimes I manage to make my companions move around them and attack them in a certain spot that works but most of the time it won't allow me to click on them. Sorry if I' am not explaining it very well its a bit complicated to explain what it is.

Thanks for your report! We are aware of the bug and are working toward a fix.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*