Morphing Switch-ups

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2011
Twice now I've hatched(morphed) with unintended pets.

The first time I was surprised and couldn't figure out what happened last night, I saw what happened.

In the morphing screen when it brings up 2 pets you see the price for the pair you can click ready. This brings up a confirmation screen morph this pet for x cost yar or nar. While I was in that screen clicking yar my morphing partner then switched pets and confirmed quickly stranding me with the unintended pet and the higher price for the pet I wanted.

Example: I was wanting to morphing inky and a death stalker scorpion which was around 20k. When my partner first entered the morphing screen she had a crimson Crawlie up and the morphing cost was around 17.5k. While I was confirming the 20k price for the scorpion she switched to the Crawlie and clicked confirm. Note my price did not decrease and I got a Crawlie, instead of the desired scorpion.

Please look into this when you get a chance.


~ Clumsy Calamity

Jul 07, 2013
I'm sorry that you may have been the victim of a pet steal. I have come across it too. Players promise a specific paring before morphing with you then switch in screen in an attempt to get a copy of your pet for themselves and leaving you with a potential copy of your own pet instead of the one agreed on. Unfortunately the pet morphing system relies on both of the players honesty. I suggest not hitting your own yar button until the other player's screen shows ready as their selection.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2011
I'm actually more annoyed that I had to pay the higher cost. I'm still a relatively low level so an extra 2500 gold hurts, especially when it was not spent on my desired match.

I figured the incorrect price for the wrong pet was a glitch or bug, maybe I'm wrong.

If your morph partner switches pets while you are in the confirmation screen it should cancel the screen and let you select ready again.

Also I'd love a way to chat while in the morph screen.

I'm sorry if this sounded like a venting rant. It was meant more as an explanation of events to determine if that is the way the system was intended to work. I mean we are pirates after all and I should have assumed some named dishonest Harry was up to no good ;-)

~ Clumsy Calamity

May 30, 2010
The cost goes up the more the pet is trained, so they're sticking you with a higher cost as well.

I do agree, being able to chat in the morphing screen would be nice. Last night a young pirate wanted to morph with my skarakeet, but the only way we could agree on which of his pets was for me to click ready as soon as he had one I wanted. It didn't matter to me one way or the other, but I hope that was one he wanted to morph with as well.