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Moo Manchu and The Tomb of Kow Cheng

Petty Officer
May 21, 2008
Hello, I want to submit few oddities and ask some questions.

1. When doing quest "The Enemy Unmasked", one of the goals is to explore "Moo Manchu's Sanctum" (or also referred as "Sanctum of Moo Manchu") instance. When we enter for the first time, he says his dialogue and then we have to fight his Pig Thug henchman, while he leaves for his business.

Question: after the first counter, is it intended that after we enter again we can fight Moo Manchu himself and his helephant protectors? Because it gives chance to battle him without even reaching him in "The Tomb of Kow Cheng" instance finale...

2. "The Tomb of Kow Cheng" was improved and expanded in the "Advanced" update, that's great! Also instance was moved to another tower.

Question: what happens to those players who finished this quest before update? Older tower sigils were moved to the new location too? And now players who finished earlier have to enter new tower in order to repeat counter? Or they still able to enter that old tower as well as new? Could someone who finished it before update check it for me, if the sigils moved away or still there, and what about the newer tower sigils?

3. I am swashbuckler and had completed Sarah Stelle promotion about Black Pearl. Its great that Moo Manchu actually reflects that I have meet him already when I was looking for Black Pear to safe Sarah's family member. So in the dungeon "The Tomb of Kow Cheng", he also remembers me, but his dialogue bit messy and repetitive, especially on the "Ha ha ha ha" part, check it.

Question: is this some special programing that checks if I finished Sarah Promotion and so Moo Manchu says slightly different dialogue than he does to the other pirates?

Thank you for your efforts!
Sincerely, Jojimbo.