Marleybone Quest: Some Assembly Required bugs

Sep 28, 2012
First bug - Quest pick up and completion happened as soon as my character walked into the Snail and Newt tavern. No looking around, no selecting who to talk to, just automatic here is a quest dialog.

Second bug - Inside the new area for this quest fighting the foxes for the tools, I was noticing that during combat the barrels on the fight fields didn't have any animation but would still do damage when blasted.

Third bug - While inside the new area for this quest in the Underground tunnels, I was questing with another person. When we both went to go in the final guys lair(Anarchy Alex), we stepped on sigil, timer counted down and then I wound up fighting Alex by myself. Other person was nowhere to be seen.

Fourth bug - After defeating Alex, I was checking out his lair when I happened on to a collectable for a different quest altogether. I was finding munition crates for the Stop and Render Aid quest that you are supposed to do out in the skyway.

Thats all I can remeber at the moment - need any more info post and I will get back to you.