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Marleybone Puppet Show missing visual effect

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
In the scene where Bishop presses his button that fires Beachhead's large cannon attachment on the model of Beachhead 3 times in his war strategy board, there is a visual effect for Beachhead's cannons firing at the model of Marleybone City, destroying it before it was reduced to smoldering ash & raised it's white flag of surrender, however, there is no explosion visual effect happening from that model right at the moment it fired at it 3 times.

Didn't no one else notice that?

Regardless, could you correct that by adding in an explosion visual effect from the model of Marleybone City in that scene right as Beachhead's cannon attachment to the model fires at the model of Marleybone City in that Puppet Show please?

Thanks for listening!