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Main Questline bug

Mar 02, 2014
On my when i was doing the main questline in port regal once I talked to the governor stanley, he didn't give me a new quest

I know it's a main as I have done it before and i have turned my computer on and off, walked away and then went back to him, quit the game and then went back on, left port regal and came back and went onto a different character and then back to my but nothing worked

Jul 16, 2014

Can you remember the name of your last quest?

You might try talking to Sullivan for the quest The Hours Creep on Apace.

If this isn't where you left off, and you need extra help, please send an email to so they can look in more detail at your account.

*Bonnie Anne, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Mar 02, 2014