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Main quest line dropped , cant get it back!

Apr 08, 2012
I did the Showdown at Boot Hill quest then went to the tomb , went got the key , went through the crypts , and logged out. I logged back in yesterday and I cannot get Don Rafaels ghost to spawn outside the crypt to continue the quest. I redid the crypts twice , relogged , changed realms , ect. I checked my quest log and the quest is nowhere in it. I went back to try and restart it from the quest giver but cannot. Anyone else having any similar issues? Oh and I did submit a ticket but just cant continue on very upset.

Hello and thanks for your report! Other players have reported an issue as well. Because of these reports we've identified the bug and will be fixing this issue soon; however, you will still need Support's help in the meantime to get you past this point in the quest until it is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Apr 08, 2012
Thanks for that part but now I have a new problem. My main quest is set to talk to Tonka but hes not there and I can goto Scorpion Rock Cave to do the ring part but I cannot get the ring now. I went back into the instance but the quest wont even start up again. I am submitting another ticket as well. Also I didnt get my companion from talking to Tonka at the crypt. It seems my quest line is out of synergy with the game.