loyal pet not growing

Jul 02, 2013
hello i know your probably getting sick of my reports but this is th e last one for a while so before the advanced pet update i had a cutie chameleon that i bought with coins then after the update i had a ancient loyal cutie chameleon but when i leveled it up to epic it didnt grow im wondering if this is just how loyal pets work, if cutie chameleons grow really slowly, or its a glitch just wondering if you could help thanks

I just took a stroll through the Cutie Chameleon fields and there is a size difference between the younger and older ones. The loyal ones behave just like the non loyal ones in that they also will gain in size.

Chameleons in general do not grow up to become the giants that some of our other pets do, but they do get larger as they age.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, it had been a while since I searched for a chameleon. Do you know how well they blend in?

Jul 02, 2013
no not really the only reason i have this one is because i bought it with coins

May 29, 2009
I have a question in regards to the size of our pets, too, Decius.

I was questing on my level 10 WD who has a Loyal Epic level 54 Seaweed Spirit equipped. I was dual boxing with another of my pirates when I noticed a size difference in the pet. When viewing from the window screen where the pet was equipped, it came up to my pirate's shoulder/head area. From the window of my other account, the pet was still no different in size than before the update. It only came up to hip/waist height.

Are the visuals for the pet sizes only to be seen by our own pirates who equip these pets?