Lots of bugs

Jul 07, 2013
Ok so today, my list of bugs on pirate101:
1. My player boards a friend's ship, they go into the skyway as well as me but i'm left with the screen saying 'Loading...' then it lets my into the skyway but it says 'the boat is not avalible' then out of no where 'Connection lost!' pops up! I press ok. Then it says 'Error! Invalid username or password' while I was logged in so I had to close it and log back in.
2.i'm trying to log in but its left hanging saying 'Please wait... verifying character'
3.my friend is on my ship but its not letting him move and when he tries to drive his ship he is on his ship but at another view he is still on my ship.
Sorry if this gets taken to Kingsisle support and emailed to my parents

Oh oh. It sounds like you've encountered a bug that is going to require the assistance of Customer Support. Please contact them at support@pirate101.com and let them know you have a stuck character that cannot enter the game. Please feel free to reference this thread when you contact them.

Hope to have you back in the skyways soon!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*