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Lost Connection @ 9/26/15

Feb 03, 2010
Last night, I had unsuccessfully tried a max level smugglers arena run. The game crashed, but by the next day I thought it'd be fixed. I was at the bazaar when it turned off last night, and, sure enough, I was there the next day aswell. I decided to exit, and go see if anybody would be willing to help me with the hydra. I couldn't exit. Every time I tried, the game said 'Connection Lost, Reconnect attempt 1...', so I let it reconnect, and I eventually got out. THEN, I got stuck at the place right outside the bazaar. I have now decided to play Wizard101 until this whole mess cleared up, and now here we are. I'm honestly more excited than anything because I am 37.5% sure that a new update is coming.

Under the cherry blossom trees of Mooshu, Golden Cody Ironside, 65 /