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Lost Buttons

May 06, 2012
I was riding around Tumbleweed Skyway in my boat, when I notice that every icon has disappeared, except for the crowns shop, earns crown button, and friends. My backpack thing is gone, my compass, my quest arrow, my health, etc... Where did it go?

Ian Milford, shooting down evil since ancient times

Jul 16, 2014

Does this problem persist if you log out and back in to the game?

*Bonnie Anne, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Gunner's Mate
Nov 27, 2009
i have also had this problem, however i noticed that it is a keyboard command

CTRL + U or CTRL + G shows/hides your HUD (all the details and what not crowding your vision of the area itself)

try pushing that command and see if it fixes the problem

also for a fun detail, pushing CTRL + G in combat removes EVERYTHING except the battlefield ground itself, nice if you want a picture of that without the characters/powers/spaces getting in the way

May 06, 2012
I logged out and logged back in.. didn't work. I reset my computer. That seemed to fix it.