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Landing "out of world"

Dec 28, 2012
After one of the recent updates I have noticed this happening a lot more often. It is especially annoying when it happens in areas where you cannot change realm, and even more so if the last fountain was quite a way away. Going to the switch pirate screen and then back in seems to help so far, but that is no good in dungeons.

This has happened to the other two members of my family who play, on multiple computers, accounts, characters, and in different locations.

Petty Officer
Oct 04, 2012
This has happened to me regularly as well. Usually it just an irritation, but when you end up having to travel a long way away it makes me close the game for a few hours out of pure frustration. If the bug cannot be sorted, please provide a 'return to previous location', or 'unstuck' option.

Dec 18, 2012
I noticed this happens often when the current server where i am is full, prolly it dependes on this since when i am in normal/perfect servers i don't have (or at least very rarely) this problem ^^.