Issues with video dump

Dec 24, 2012
I'm not sure if this is the proper forum to post on this, as I don't see a technical board. The issue is this, at odd times and durig play I get a black screen, it last about 1 or 2 secs and then the game comes back up and I am able to see whats going on ingame again. At other times, and this has happened a time or 2 now, it just stays black screened and I have to restart to get it cleared. ctl/alt/delete will not even show the game in the apps to shut it down?
If anyone has an idea how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it. And yes, my comp is high end, dual video cards and all, and I have updated the drivers for them this week. I'm not totally ignorant with compters, as I built this one and many before it.