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Hydra multiple bugs

Jun 09, 2010
  • Level of your character:65
  • Location where the bug occurred: Hydra Cave
  • Quest Name (if applicable): Defeat the hydra
  • Companion Name and Tier of Promotion (if applicable): N/A
  • Description of the bug:First time the group went in, we attacked Ebon once and then when Ebon reappeared it would not let us attack it again but it would attack us. Also we went one turn to see if it would appear on the map to hit, yet it did not so we ended up having to port out and leave.
Then we went back in to see if we could fight it again. About halfway through the fight another glitch happened. Only this time when Ebon or any of the hydra heads appeared we could not click on the heads to fight them. This was very frustrating seeing how we had to port back out again.

  • How often does this bug seem to happen? Once of each
  • Were you playing Solo? No
  • If you were in a group or playing with others, how many? 2
  • Were you the only one to experience this issue? No
  • Can you reproduce this bug? Not trying since I have some dead companions I have to tend to now.

Jul 16, 2014

Please send an email to if you are unable to progress in game because of this issue with the Hydra.

*Bonnie Anne, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jun 09, 2010
Already beat it this afternoon :) Just wanted to report it!