House Issues

May 29, 2009
I just got the new Empire bundle from GameStop and I love it.

I do have one question and am not sure if this is a bug or just hasn't been added/addressed yet.

In W101 there is a number letting you know how many houses you have and how many you CAN have (3/5, 1/3). However I am certain that one of my pirates redeemed an additional housing elixir but I can't remember which one. A fellow community member lost his Emperor's Villa cause he thought he still had room to redeem a house.

I know most of the bundles that come with houses (and some that don't) for W101 give an additional housing elixir but this bundle didn't.

Is there an plans in the future to perhaps let us know how many housing elixirs we've got on a pirate to know how many houses we can get?

Thanks so much,

Hi! Glad to hear you are enjoying the bundle.

1- In the next update we will be adding the 3/5, 1/3 feature that you mention. It's coming soon.
2- I've verified that this bundle DOES come with an additional housing elixir. You may want to check again or contact support if the additional housing elixir did not appear in your gift window.
3- You shouldn't be losing a house if you try to claim it from the gift window, you should instead receive an error message saying you can't redeem it. Again, have this person contact Customer Support if there was an issue claiming an item. (I have verified this in game as well)

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*