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Horrible boss rewards

1) If it's a bug, we want to find it, and fix it. Hopefully that's clear by now.

2) There's no correlation between snack rank and mob level-- just as there's no correlation between mob level and furniture, or pet eggs, pet equipment, or (some day) crafting reagents, etc. Snacks are not gear.

I am sorry that a few of you feel otherwise, but the response on that particular point is to clear up the misconception, not to respond by dropping higher and higher ranked snacks.

Snacks 1-5 are regular snacks (of increasing potency) and snacks 6-10 are considered mega snacks (of increasing potency) and (more or less) they are all available one way or another throughout the game.

3) If it continues to cause confusion and frustration, we can remove the snack drops.

I'll repeat myself: I think that would be a shame, and I think you are arguing against your own best interests.

There seems to be at least a few people who have explicitly stated a preference to receive nothing rather than receive a "low level" snack-- just as (now that you mention it...) there were some people who would rather receive nothing than receive a low-level Armada weapon. My intent was to give you weapons that you could either stitch, or sell-- your choice!-- but it was confusing, so we pulled them out. Good intentions; bad results.

In retrospect that was the right choice, because there IS a strong correlation between player gear and mob level.

But we can do that again.

On the other hand, there are also people who have said they would like to continue to receive the low-level snacks, because they are using them.

And my preference would be to clear up the confusion and continue dropping snacks, because we want you to use them.

That's not a "threat," that's simply me trying to respond to this ongoing feedback so that nobody is left confused or frustrated.

Since this topic has been addressed and is starting to get off track, I'm going to go ahead and lock it.

Thanks all for your feedback! We are listening and will continue to explain and clarify where we can. If you have further issues on loot table rewards or specific bug reports, please start a new post to focus our attention on them individually.

See you in the skyways!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*