Hold the Line (Rank 2) unavailable at intended lvl

Be Mine Beginner
Dec 08, 2008
The talent "Hold the Line (Rank 2)" is indicated as a lvl 35 ability, however to train it it requires to have Whale's Might already trained which is a lvl 50 power.

I suppose it's a mistake, and the meant requirement is Shark's Fury.

Thanks for your report! We'll have our designers take a look at it.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Be Mine Beginner
Aug 29, 2009
I have also noticed this as I turned level 35 last night and could not get that training. This does interfere with game play to an extent.

Thanks for the report-- found it, fixed it, and we'll get it into the game ASAP.

Be Mine Beginner
Jul 14, 2009
I just encountered this problem today lol, it still has the requirement of the level 50 power >.<

Justin(Level 35)

Be Mine Beginner
Aug 21, 2010
Yes I found this a few days ago as well. Thought I was going crazy there for a minute. lol
Ratbeard or One Eyed Jack, could you tell us when this will be updated? Thanks

Jun 22, 2011
Still not fixed, could you guys kind of...ah...get going? If I had had it, I would have beat a battle the other day. I won't go into detail, but you can understand my frustration.