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Help! Help needed with squishing bugs.

Petty Officer
May 21, 2008
Hello! Someone like Ratbeard or Jack, please review my bug/comment/suggestion reports from test realm as well as bug reports in Message Boards about companions, pets, doubloons and other... I haven't got any response though.

1. Please fix side quest "Hasten Down The Wind" in Mooshu. Quest info: (more info in "Mooshu quest: Hasten Down The Wind" post)
Prequest: The Winds of Change
Given By: Yu Noh
Giver Location: Rokugara Island
1) Talk to Shiro Kujo in Heavenly Mist Shop
2) Use the Incense Burner in:
+ Hamamitsu Garden (works)
+ Sujimura Village (works)
+ Yagizawa Village (when Burner is used, it does not count for the quest goal and you can no longer use Burner again, so you cannot finish the quest)
3)Talk to Yu Noh on Rokugara Island (to hand in the quest)

2. Companions: (more other info in "Few Companion Mirror Bugs" post)
When we finish order of Pet Sparring, it seems there is no sound for when chest with parrot icon opens.
Subodai's portrait icon has mismatched colors, when his title is Horse Warrior (when promoted once since 16 level).

3. Doubloons: (more other info in "Some Doubloon Problems" post)
Jackrabbit Ju-Ju Doubloon (+50% feet for 1 turns) seems to be useless Doubloon, because you cannot benefit from this effect for at least one turn...

4. Skyway:
Small mismatch while sailing in Khotan Skyway, compass pointer shows that Hamamitsu Skyway is called "Stormgate to Mooshu".

5. Pets: (more info in "Pet Castable Abilities" post)
The delay between when pet plays casting animation for his abilities and when abilities takes an action is quite big. Example: Pet uses "Deal 1 damage and reduce 1 accuracy", So pet plays casting animation, after 2-4 seconds, the enemy gets 1 damage done and reduced 1 accuracy effects.

6. Someone (Jack or Ratbeard), help me with this: (more info in "Boochbeard and Gandry! Where are you?" post)
Before update when I was logging into game for the first time of the day, Boochbeard and Gandry used to always visit and remind me where last "we" left off. But after update they no longer come to me. I have asked other fellow pirates and they said they don't have this problem. No matter what day or main line quest I am in, they no longer remind me where last I left off. Its been even more than 24 hours interval I was not logged in, but they still haven't appeared. Where are they?

That's all, please let me know what you think.

Sincerely, Jojimbo (a.k.a. Samuel The Swashbuckler )
Cya in the Skyways!

Thanks for your reports! We'll take a look at it.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*