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Jul 21, 2013
Okay, So I was questing on my level 20 musketeer. and so I was doing the quest where I had to destroy the north tower, west tower, etc. and once I did that. I had to do the dungeon..well I did that it was easy and stuff..But once I went out and I clicked on el toro. he spoke. but then my computer CRASHED! and so once I got my computer back up and running. and once I loaded up pirate, el toro was gone and I didn't have the quest to go to the dungeon where I have to defeat santa rana I think. I checked multiple times. and I've even tried doing the dungeon over! But El toro is still just gone. Poof. out of thin air So now I can't continue questing. Can anyone help me with this?

Apr 28, 2012
I believe that the quest your are referring to is Tax Relief (it really helps to add the name of the quest that you were working on if you can). This quest is gotten from Don Oscar Gutierrez in Santa Pollo and I suggest you go back to him and see if he is still trying to give it to you.

If Pirate101 thinks you've completed that quest, then you should be able to go to Castillo Sapo, go through that dungeon and fight Santa Rana. Hopefully, that will get you back on track. Good luck.

If you are still having problems, I suggest you contact support either through the Help Menu above (the Orange Question Mark) or e-mailing them . It can take from 24 to 48 hours for them to get back to you, so be patient (it could take longer with the holidays).