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Haywire Shot on Dreadnaught weapons needs fixed

Petty Officer
Sep 04, 2018
I've always been upset over haywire shot never triggering chain attacks as it is a shot and not a mass attack card. It really should be fixed so that it can trigger talents such as burst fire and double tap like sniper shot does.

That alone would not have caused me to submit this complaint under bugs, but the damage displayed on the Haywire Shot card does not manifest when used. My musketeer's haywire card states that it does over 900 damage, but when used it barely does 700.

The other card on those weapons is Haywire Strike, and Haywire Strike works perfectly well. It does the damage on its card from what I can tell (its low damage so I don't pay much attention to it) and it triggers chain attacks. If Haywire Strike triggers chain attacks then Haywire Shot should also.

For these two reasons I believe Haywire Strike doesn't work as it should, or as advertised, and is therefore bugged. Please fix it, or improve it to the damage it should actually do or reduce the damage on the card to reflect the damage it actually does, and it would really be a card I'd actually use if it triggered chain attacks which I really think it was intended or supposed to do, but if it wasn't it ought to.