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Got any mute companions?

Feb 20, 2010
Hey hey hey! Silver Fiona here and Subodai brought me some Jasmine Tea from Mooshu and Don Gonzela brought me some pastries from Monquista, so i thought i'd share them with you. Ok, lets get to the chase. So yeah... Froggo Villa won't talk. So i got him when i beat him and i was really excited so i thought, "Wow this is cool!" (I'm a Swashbuckler so i got him.) And when i click on him to give him his powers and stuff and promote him to first mate, i don't notice he doesn't talk. And then like the next week when i'm all leveled up and i click on him to level him up, i realize he doesn't make a sound! So i think it's a glitch and click out of there, then i try it again and he still doesn't talk, so here i am, reporting it to the Bilge Pump. Thats all.

Ciao for now,
Silver Fiona.

Petty Officer
May 22, 2011
Now that you mention it, my Froggo Villa hasn't been making any sounds in battle. I think there's another, but I can't remember who, I'll look it over later.