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Glitch(s) concerning doubloons

Aug 09, 2013
Hi there! I noticed there was a problem with the matter of placement of doubloons in my bag. I noticed some of the doubloons are not in the spot I placed them in, and it seems to me that the doubloons are somehow being misplaced? Another glitch I noticed on the same subject; I usually like to toss in the Treasure Bath doubloon when I am in a fight or when I'm farming, but the doubloon never showed up no matter how many doubloons I discard. Please note that my Treasure Bath is in the first slot of my doubloons list, yet it never shows up in a battle. I never had this problem in the past, and that was a really long time ago. I don't know if its a glitch on the Treasure Bath doubloon itself, but other people tell me that they don't have this issue like I do. My treasure bath which is in the first slot never, ever, ever shows up in a battle anymore... Prior to the first glitch, I do notice that my treasure bath sometimes gets moved to a different spot. I place it back in its position, and the same issue occurs: It never showed up. Its begging to annoy me a little. Please see if you can fix this. Thanks!