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Glitches all over the Game

Jul 13, 2010
There are glitches are all over the game. You can't target people sometimes, they wont show up on the battleboard sometimes. In pvp or pve sometimes it skips over you. The Levy Call spell is glitching out sometimes so muskets and musket companions can bypass the protection. Some weapons arent picking up talents like slashy and stabby, and the whole game is just glitchy. Please KI fix these issues this is unacceptable.

Hi! Just from a sidelines point of view, some of these issue might be due to Internet connection issues, rule changes, and some might be legitimate bugs. It's hard to tell from this message alone what your actual issues are.

Can you separate your bug reports into individual posts with more detail so that we can isolate the problems?

As a side note, the issue of skipping players might be due to a new rule change involving battleboard combat, from the most recent update notes: "(Multiplayer only) If a player doesn't issue any orders for a planning phase, in the next planning phase they will be presented with a dialog that says “Are you still playing?” If “Yes” isn't clicked within 10 seconds, then the absent player is forced to Pass."

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Mar 28, 2009
Question #130524-000074 is my first ticket for the weapon skills problem. I am certain there have been others.

The new staffy combination weapons only give staffy damage bonuses, not slashy or smashy. At first I thought this was only due to the difference in stats, but a slashy/shooty weapon applied both Slashy and Shooty weapon skills.

To reproduce the bug, simply equip one of the new staffy combination weapons on a character that has both staffy and slashy/smashy/shooty weapon talents.