Jan 26, 2010
Hello One-eyed jack and pirate community. Yesterday I noticed a few annoying bugs in both Skull Island and Aquila. I was playing on my level 65 witchdoctor helping a friend in the ancient tunnels and then working on my quests in Aquila.
First Skull Island, we were defeating some of the undead skeletons near the serpent pool. I noticed that while we were choosing which companions would attack and attack whom. The surrounding area appeared normally. However, as soon as the round started the “background” of the tunnel (floor, ceiling, walls) went completely black.
Aquila, while fighting lulz for the second gladiator quest I noticed that one of his minions had really low health or armor or maybe both because when Hawkules attacked him and then went relentless he was dead in that single turn, no criticals just a normal attack and another normal attack via Relentless. In addition, I noticed that Dead Mike in his final promotion tier, I think it’s called undead conquer, is missing a hand. However, when he attacks and is attacked he still uses his “ghost” hand to hit the opponent and then right himself after being hit. Just a minor cosmetic glitch that bugged me.