funny glitches!

Petty Officer
Dec 21, 2013
these are glitches that I like

1: when you click a a bed or anything and click move but don't move it just walk in it and put it down and your cooking your self if its a stove or fire sleeping if its a bed or hammock being random if its a table or a sink taking a bath with clothes on if its a tub and swimming if its a pool and sitting if its a chair

2: in wizard101 people can make a floating carpet on a box and then step up on it (I don't know how but its cool)

3: when a mount goes on a hill or something that is not flat they go sideways and do not stay straight

4: some two handed swords if you use a certain buccaneer move when you flip your sword in the air it will turn invisible

5: if I go to the dragon kings hall dungeon with a two handed sword it will turn invisible and you will have your hands stuck

Terri the buccaneer gottathe